Krispen E. Culbertson, Attorney at Law

Greensboro, North Carolina attorney, Mr. Krispen E. Culbertson is the Senior Partner at Culbertson & Associates, Attorneys at Law. He has 21 years of legal experience and is a widely recognized Federal and State court litigator. In the past year, Mr. Culbertson has been in both National and State news. He is also one of the elite percentage of attorneys that has a case reported in Federal Law Reports -- the large law books that contain the controlling caselaw of the United States. He has handled dozens of Federal criminal and white-collar crimes, in addition to important Federal and State civil cases. Mr. Culbertson practices appellate law on both Federal and State levels, and is a member of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia. He was educated in law at Wake Forest University in North Carolina and at Oxford University in England. Krispen E. Culbertson has handled over 3,000 cases in the Federal and State courts of North Carolina.

Legal Accomplishments

In his career, Mr. Culbertson has accomplished the following:

  1. Three favorable jury verdicts in Murder cases in State Court (generally viewed among lawyers as the most difficult kind of case to win in law);
  2. Numerous favorable jury verdicts in civil cases in State Court;
  3. Favorable jury verdict in Federal Court (Federal Court is generally regarded as much more difficult to win a jury verdict than State Court);
  4. Four appearances before the Federal Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, with one case reported now as established caselaw in Federal Reports 3d. (One step below the Supreme Court of the United States.)
  5. Favorable decisions obtained before the Appellate Courts of the State of North Carolina (the N.C. Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of North Carolina)

There are very few lawyers who have accomplished these things in a single career. It is a fact that the percentage of lawyers who have accomplished even two of these things together is extremely low, let alone all five. Mr. Culbertson does not believe there is any point to practicing law in State and Federal Court if a lawyer is not willing to take the "hits", and to refuse to compromise a client's best interests and needs.

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